Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October 2017 About Us Update

I started this blog at the end of June in 2016. My life has changed a lot since that first post and I thought it was about time to do an update. This ended up much longer than expected so I have broken it up into two posts. The first post is about my family as a whole and the second will be about me, come back back here tomorrow for part two!

Our most recent family photo. I am mid blink but
I love Heather's face! 
I’ll start with the name of my blog, “May December Madness” it’s a reference to our age gap. My husband RJ is 24 years older than me. Relationships with large age gaps are regularly referred to as May-December relationships. I love our age gap. It works very well for us. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and have lots of children. RJ always wanted children too but he never found the right person. When we met, everything fell into place. RJ is older, and established in his career. He can pay for six kids, and I am young enough to have them easily. Yes, RJ is more than likely going to die before me. No, that doesn’t scare me or upset me. I love him and want to spend the time I have with him being happy and enjoying life. We have done a pretty good job at that so far.
RJ and I have been together for about 5 years, and we have been married for about one and a half. We got married May 13th, 2016, at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was an amazing experience. I miss living near the Georgia Aquarium a lot. It is a really fun place. I have fond memories of taking Rosalie there on quiet week days and pretty much having the place to ourselves. I also took Rosalie and Heather there on my own when Heather was really young. We look forward to visiting Atlanta, it is a special place to us. We don’t plan on ever moving back but we love it there and plan to visit often.  

We now live in Ashburn, Virginia, not too far from D.C. We love it here. There is so much to see and do. We are 45 minutes from downtown D.C. with all the monuments and museums. Ashburn is a lot of fun too. There are a lot of parks, and yummy places to eat. It is very family friendly and we hope to buy a house here soon.

Rosalie was saying, "Arg" like I pirate when this was taken.
We were at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. 
RJ and I have two daughters, Rosalie, and Heather. Rosalie will be four in November, and Heather will be two on Sunday. They are very busy and love to play. They love their friends from MOMS Club, who we see at least once a week, sometimes three or more. MOMS Club is an international, non-profit, non-denominational support group for stay at home moms. I first discovered MOMS Club in in Georgia and we made lifelong friends. I was ecstatic when there was a club in our area here in VA, we joined weeks after we moved in.

Rosalie and Heather recently have started to fight just a little bit, and I need to be a referee. Rosalie used to be able to trade toys with Heather if she wanted what Heather had but, now Heather is a bit more opinionated and doesn’t want to trade. When they do play together they are so fun to listen to.  They love to make dark caves and play with any toy that lights up inside. The way Heather says, “Rosawe” I just too cute. They love to greet each other in the morning. Occasionally I call them my giggle girls when they are playing and can’t stop giggling. I love them.

Rosalie is getting so big. I cannot believe she will be four this year, I love how smart and bright she is! She loves to know how things work. Her favorite food lately is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. She shares her birthday with Mickey Mouse, which she loves to tell everyone anytime we talk about Disney. Her favorite movie right now is Big Hero 6. We just potty trained her, she’s been doing well for about four weeks now. She is very independent and is very proud of herself when she can do it without help. She can be very sassy at times but she is also very loving. One day this week she poked her head around the corner and said, “I love you Mommy.” It was adorable, I love her so much.

Heather is also growing too quickly. Much faster than I can follow. She loves her Daddy very much. The second she hears the garage door she runs to the door and yells, “Daddy, you home?” It's adorable and never gets old. She loves to color. However she has lost coloring privileges after coloring on the dishwasher, and the lower kitchen cabinets. I made her help me clean it, thank goodness I only buy washable crayons.

Heather will eat pretty much anything in sight. She particularly loves soup, sloppy Joe’s, fish sticks, and dino nuggets. She can eat more fish sticks in one sitting than I can. I love her so much.

We are very lucky to have two healthy children, we have had our fair share of losses too. I had one elective termination at 20 weeks due to fetal abnormalities. And I have had two early miscarriages. We are currently trying for baby number three and hope to get pregnant soon.

I hope I can rise my children in a way they feel comfortable being who they want to be and not what I imagine them to be. RJ and I will be proud and happy for them if they turn out different than we pictured. I don’t know who they will be, but I will love them no matter who they decide to be.

As a family we love everything Disney. We recently bought annual passes to Disney World. We plan on going at least twice a year, hopefully more. If you have never been to Disney World you cannot understand the obsession. I had no idea how amazing and magical it was till my first trip ever last November. It can be expensive but it is worth the money. It’s so amazing. We will be leaving for Disney in just a few weeks and I cannot wait! Be ready for lots of posts about our trip!

I love our little family and I cannot wait for it to grow.

Thank you for reading. Come back tomorrow for part two! I have let my blog fall to the side for a few weeks, I plan to get back at it.  

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