Friday, June 24, 2016

Meet the Girls!

Here is a little bit about Rose and Heather. I will be doing a post like this every few months because they change so quickly. Rose and Heather are 23 months apart. Its a great age gap. We are hoping to get a slightly smaller age gap with the next one.


Rose was born November 18th 2013, she shares a birthday with Mickey Mouse. She is two and a half. Rose’s is adorable although she does have terrible two/threenager moments. She loves squishy hugs, and snuggles on the couch with Mommy when Heather is napping. Or snuggles with Daddy when Mommy is busy. She loves visiting her friends, playing at the park, and going to the mall (the mall near us has a indoor play place).

She has a purple knit blanket and a brown stuffed bear that you will not find her without. She loves pretty much anything Disney, especially Toy Story. Her favorite food is Cheetos, she would eat them all day, every day if I let her. She also loves peanut butter, chocolate (pretty much any kind), and cookies (also any kind).

She loves her little sister. She asks where baby Heather is when Heather is napping. My favorite is when we are in the car and Heather is fussing Rose asks, “What’s wrong baby Heather, what’s wrong?”


Heather was born October 29th 2015. She is almost 8 months old. She is very cute and a happy baby most the time. She almost always sleeps through the night. She is very attached to her blankey, it always calms her down. She is a bit of a drama queen. If we take something away she shouldn’t have she screams! She has a pretty good crawl and it’s getting faster and faster every day. She has been pulling up for a while we lowered her crib a few weeks ago.

Her favorite food is probably graham crackers, she makes a total mess with them but she loves them.

She absolutely loves LEGO duplo. She plays with it for hours. It’s probably one of the few toys that we get out every single day. Those and Buzz Lightyear. She loves Buzz.   

She loves playing with her big sister. She is always following Rose around and is very interested in what Rose is playing with. Occasionally Heather gets in the way, but Rose calls for me to help instead of pushing or hitting (thank goodness for that). They will play together in the play room for hours already. I love that they entertain each other so well.

Heather is a serious Daddy’s girl. Whenever RJ gets home from work he has to pick her up and give her snuggles. If he forgets and leaves the room she fusses till he gets back and picks her up.

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