Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Move From Georgia to Virginia

About three months ago, we packed up our house in Canton, Georgia, and moved to Ashburn, Virginia.

We had been wanting to move back to Virginia for a long time. RJ had been looking for a job in VA/DC for months. Because of the presidential election, there was a lot of uncertainty in the D.C. job market, so it took a while to get hired. When RJ did find a job, they wanted him to start immediately. We had barely three weeks to pack and move.

The girls and me in the moving truck.
I was packing, donating stuff, selling furniture, and fish tanks till the last minute. I sold 5 or 6 Ikea bookcases the night before the movers came, while RJ was out picking up the Uhaul. It was insane.

The movers we hired were awful. They didn’t know how to pack a truck. They didn’t wrap any of our furniture in blankets. Our stuff barely fit into the truck. There were many miscommunications between the two movers, which caused a lot of issues. It took two hours longer than we expected, and we were left with a handful of stuff we had to load into the truck ourselves. We also had to fill the back of my minivan.

I’m fuming thinking about it. It was an exhausting move.

When we finally emptied the house it was much later than we had planned. Luckily we made pretty good time to Virginia, even though it literally took all night. RJ drove the giant Uhaul truck with his Miata on a trailer towed behind. I got my sister a plane ticket and flew her up from Texas to help, she drove with me and my girls in our minivan. She drove the whole time which was super helpful.

By the time I made it to our new house, after dropping my sister off at my parents house, the sun was just coming up.

The girls reacting to the Chinese dragon over the Chinese food
isle in Wegmans. We love Virginia!
The next couple of days were the most exhausting of my life. It had been a very long time since I had pulled an all nighter like that. Rosalie and Heather didn’t want to sleep when we made it to Virginia, they had a lot of energy. I think I got less than 2 hours of sleep in about 36-48 hours. It was a very rough few days.

It has been nearly three months since the move. We absolutely love Ashburn. I am glad we chose to live here. I love the location and we hope to buy here soon.    

We are still unpacking and organizing. Life happened and we have had a lot of delays. Between relatives visiting, Rosalie and Heather getting sick, relatives moving, pink eye, and having a miscarriage. Life has not been easy the past three months.

I didn’t think it was going to be difficult to leave Georgia but it was. It was a place we had a lot of firsts in. I gave birth to both Rosalie and Heather there. We got married at the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. We made so many memories there. The move happened so quickly I almost felt like I didn’t get to say goodbye! Even though we don’t ever plan on moving out of the DC/Metro area, Georgia will always be a special place to our family.  

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