Thursday, June 23, 2016

About Us!

First I'll start with why I named my blog "May December Madness". May December is reference to the age gap between my Husband and me. RJ, my husband is 24 years older than me. I am 22 and RJ is 46. A lot of people are quite skeptical of these types of age gaps and they do not always work, but we work incredibly well together.

RJ had many relationships before he met me. He never found the right person, who he loved and who loved him back. He always wanted kids and never found someone who he wanted to have them with. We pretty unexpectedly fell in love, and had a messy start. RJ was married when we first met and later we got pregnant with Rose unintentionally. This didn't sit well with my family, who are strict Mormons, they still haven’t gotten over it and it has been almost four years. Having a May December relationship is amazing, it works for us. RJ wanted lots of kids. If he was to try to do that with someone his age it wouldn’t work very well. I am young and can easily pop out lots of babies. Also RJ is at the point in his life and career where he can afford lots of children. I love the dynamic it works really well. RJ is the love of my life. Soul mates do exist! We were definitely made for each other. I’m glad I didn’t have to search the world like RJ did. He did a lot of hard work to find me, and I’m so glad he stuck it out and found me!

Now to the “Madness” part of my blog name! We have two beautiful daughters and plan on having four more children. Six kids total! Our life is only slightly mad, and crazy right now and I am very excited for it to get crazier!

Now I would like to tell you a bit more about me! I have had two all natural childbirths and plan on having my next babies the same way. I exclusively breastfed my first daughter till she was about 10-11 months old, at that point she self weaned because I was pregnant and my milk was changing. I’m currently breastfeeding my second daughter. I never really fed  either of them typical baby food. I just fed them what was soft off my plate. I think this lead to them being somewhat less picky than some other children I know, although my toddler has gotten a bit picky lately. But that's expected she’s almost three. Other than that I am normal and not so "crunchy". I do not buy organic anything. My children have been vaccinated normally.  I don't buy into all the silly things they tell pregnant women not to eat. I have had sandwich meat, sushi, raw cookie dough by the spoonful during all of my pregnancies and have been fine.

I decided to start this blog to share our life, recipes, opinions, and advice tidbits here and there. So here is a not so quick Megan/family bio. We currently live in Canton Georgia, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta. We really enjoy it here and plan to stay a while. I live with my husband RJ, my 2.5 year old daughter Rosalie, and my 8 month old daughter Heather. We are currently trying for baby number three! We are very excited.

I was born and raised a Mormon. I grew up in Eagle Mountain Utah. I have one older sister and two younger sisters. When I was 16 my dad got a relocated to Northern Virginia for work. I graduated high school there in 2012. A month or so after that RJ and I started dating. RJ is originally from England. He moved to the states quite a few years ago and has been here ever since. Some people think our age gap is a problem and thought it would never work out. My parents have the biggest issue with our relationship. I think it’s mainly because RJ is more their peer than mine (and we are pretty sure my mom is extremely jealous). When we met he knew I was the person he wanted to be with for the rest of his life and nothing else mattered. I felt the same way and I am so happy to be where we are now. Our relationship is amazing and better than most of my friends relationships with their husbands. We communicate very well, we can talk for hours like teenage girls. I am very excited to have more children with him, and to spend the rest of our lives together.

Along the road of getting to where we are now, I was kicked out of the Mormon church. I was excommunicated because I got pregnant with Rose. I told the church I was not remorseful that I got pregnant and that I was keeping my baby. I told them I wasn’t sorry I had sex and I also wasn’t planning on stopping. In the Mormon church if you are not married and sealed in the temple before you have children it is a huge sin. They believe the child should be whisked away to a "worthy" married couple who has been sealed together in a Mormon temple to have a good life. I think this is a load of shit. I think the best place for a baby is with their mother. I love being a mother and cannot imagine what I would have done if Rose was no longer mine.

Being a mother is my life and I love every part of it. It is the most challenging but most fulfilling thing I have ever done. I am very excited to add to my family, I cannot wait to have more children. I will never return to the Mormon church, they would have tried to take Rose away from me if I had not left. Not only did everyone except for a very few people judge me, but they also made my life miserable.

When I was a part of the Mormon church I always felt guilty. I was always doing something "wrong" and I was never truly happy. Ever since I finally drew the line in the sand and said I was never going back, I have been very happy. I will never put myself in that demeaning environment again. I would never wish it on my children either. My mom told me Rose would resent me when she got older for not raising my daughter in the Mormon church. I think Rose will thank me when she's old enough to understand.

I love to cook and bake. I would say I cook moderately healthy recipes. I make a lot of chicken, fish, and only try to cook red meat once a week or less. I'm excited to share some of my recipes here. We do a lot of outdoor cooking. Mostly grilling and a bit of smoking. Here in Georgia the summers are quite hot and we try to keep the cooking heat outside as much as possible. I cook dinner probably between 6-7 times a week. As a family we enjoy going out and do when I don't have the patience or energy to cook. RJ and I used to enjoy date nights every other Thursday or so. But since Heather came along we have not been able to go out yet. It is nice to have a bit of time to ourselves and not have to worry about the kids. Hopefully soon we will be able to go out again.

We are big into aquariums and fish. In our home we currently have a 60 gallon fish tank in our main family room, with peacock cichlids, and they will grow to about 6 inches long. We have a 3 other smaller tanks, and another 60 gallon tank that we are prepping for saltwater fish and corals.

When I have a big decision to make like, “should I vaccinate my children?” I always ask myself this question first, “Is "x" more or less dangerous than riding in a car?” If it is less I do it without thinking. If it is more I think about it and weigh my options and risks. There are a million things in this world people claim are dangerous. What they don't realize is, most the time your risk of being hurt or killed in a car crash is many, many times higher than that which caused the debate. I put myself in the car and drive somewhere almost everyday. I never give a second thought about the risk of riding in a car, or putting my child in one. The risk of a child having a serious reaction to a vaccination, is ridiculously minimal, especially when compared to the dangers of riding in a car. As a family we make every decision with this theory in mind.

I'm excited to share our life and document our family. I'm excited to look back on these early blog posts in a few years to see how far we come. Enjoy!

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