Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Piercings

I have had six piercings. Four of which are pretty basic and two that are a little more exotic. I think piercings are really interesting. They can be cute and sexy, and they are very exciting to me. I have debated quite a few more but don’t have any planned right now, I like the idea of a tongue piercing but I don't know if I’m brave enough. I hate dentists so the tongue might be too similar to that. I like the idea of nipple piercings. I can’t/wouldn’t get that done till after I’ve had all my babies and have finished breastfeeding.

I have two basic ear lobe piercings that I got when I was eight. For my Christmas gift from RJ, in 2013 he took me to get more piercings. I got two more lobe piercings and a tragus piercing in my left ear. The lobe piercings were easy but getting my tragus done was a little weird. You can hear all the tools clinking and other weird sounds because of where it is. It was not very painful though. My tragus piercing took a little while to heal, now it’s good. I like it a lot, it doesn’t get in the way of ear buds like I thought it might. It’s really easy to sleep on. If you are thinking about getting one I would definitely recommend it.
This is a picture of my left ear, my tragus
piercing is the on on the far left.
Here is my right ear with just two lobe piercings

My sixth piercing didn’t work, I ended up taking it out after a few months. In December of 2014, I got a vertical clitoral hood piercing. If you don’t know what that is, it is a piercing through the skin that covers your clitoris. It’s important to go to a piercer who knows what they are doing for any piercing, but this one especially. There are a lot of things that can be done wrong. Some women can not get this piercing at all if their hood is not suitable. Everyone's anatomy is different, and it’s important the piercer places the piercing just so as to not cause any problems. RJ has a similar piercing called a Prince Albert. He got it in college quite a few years back. I like it alot. We had matching piercings for a while, it was fun. If you don’t know what it is, google it because I’m not explaining or posting pics of that one!

I liked mine a lot, it was very stimulating. It was a little tight because of how high/deep my hood is. RJ and I were pretty careful to not bump it during sex while it was healing. One day we weren’t quite careful enough and I developed a bump near the top of my piercing. After that it went downhill from there. I got pregnant with Heather, and everything changes so much when you're pregnant. It was itchy and didn’t feel quite right. I did a few salt soaks and the bump got smaller but it never healed 100%. After a few months I got frustrated with it, and I wanted to have my normal sex life back. I think we like it too rough for me to have any kind of genital piercing. RJ helped me take it out, it closed up and healed within a week or two. The bump vanished too.  

It was fun while it lasted but it wasn’t for me and that’s ok! Thanks for reading. I thought I need to post a short light post after my story about Reggie.

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