Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Parenting Items I Could Not Live Without

There are a handful of items that make life as a parent easier. A few of these items I wasn’t sure I how would often I would use them, but now I cannot live without them.

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

I use this daily. Especially with two girls in diapers. I bought it about a year ago. It has held up very well, it applies cream to red little bottoms evenly and softly. The best part is I do not have to juggle a squirming child with butt paste all over my hands while trying to finish the diaper change. I recommend I big tub of boudreaux butt paste to go with it, cheap and economical off amazon.

Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment Rash Spray

Staying on the same subject, this is the only paste I keep in the diaper bag. It is amazing. It is not as good as the cream but it really does a good job when we are out and about. It is so easy to use, it applies evenly, and tames rashes well till I can slather thick paste on at home.

Diaper Pail

We have the Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail, it works really well and is inexpensive. We also have the basic Diaper Genie, but I would not recommend it. The Complete Diaper Genie has a pedal that opens a little mechanism that you throw the diaper in and when you release the pedal the diaper falls to the bottom of the pail. The Basic Diaper Genie is not so nice, you just have to shove the diaper thought a door, which is not pleasant. I buy Walmart brand refills they are the cheapest I have found.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Imagine a floor cleaning fairy that sweeps/vacuums your floor while you sleep. It is a little pricy, but if ours broke beyond repair I would happily drop 350 for a new one immediately. We have a pretty old model, but they are very easy to service at home, and iRobot still provides parts for their older models. Definitely get one with a timer. We have ours rigged to clean our main living area (kitchen, and family room) every day at two in the morning. All the crumbs created by two toddlers magically disappear overnight. My floor gets vacuumed/swept nearly every night without fail. I love it. I say nearly because occasionally if we forget to pick up the floor the Roomba will beach itself or choke on a toy and the floor will go uncleaned, but that doesn’t happen too often. I would definitely think about getting one if you are tired of crumbs, and do not enjoy sweeping or vacuuming.

Summer Infant Gate

We permanently have gates up. Currently there is one before the entryway, one at the doorway of the formal dining room, and one upstairs in the hallway between Rose’s bedroom and the stairs. The Summer infant ones we have self close, they are very sturdy, tall, and come with different extensions. The house we are renting right now has an “open floor plan” and I cannot gate the kitchen which sucks, but we manage.

Safety 1st Magnet Cabinet Locks

Speaking of how we manage the kitchen I definitely could not live without these cabinet locks. RJ recently just installed another set on the TV cabinet because the girls were pinching each others fingers. Almost every low cabinet in our house has them. They are slightly time consuming to install but are so worth it. There is nothing visible on the front of the cabinets, and hardly any damage is left when they are removed (we have installed them rental properties before, and the tiny holes on the side of the cabinets was never noticed). They can be opened by any strong magnet. Luckily Rose’s magnet alphabet is not strong enough to operate the mechanism. They come with a little key that I attached a ribbon to, so they can hang from cabinet knobs higher up. There is also a little switch on the inside to keep them permanently unlocked so it’s like they aren't even there. They are very functional, durable, and even though Rose understands how to operate them she cannot open the cabinets unless she has a key. They are the best cabinet childproofing solution out there.

LifeProof Nuud Iphone Case

My LifeProof phone case is the best. It can get drooled on, chewed on, or dropped in the tub, all day and I don’t have to worry about my phone getting damaged. LifeProof cases can take a pretty good hit. I chose LifeProof Nuud over any other waterproof case because it’s inexpensive, the screen is naked, and they have good customer service. LifeProof has a pretty good warranty, they have replaced at least two of my cases. On a couple the charge port door broke, and another the lens over the camera popped out during cleaning, both cases were replaced for free. Over all they are really good cases. I recommend them for any parent.   

Backpack Diaper Bag

After using two or three different diaper bags I finally decided to get a official backpack diaper bag. I got it right after Heather was born, and I love it. It has a million pockets, comes with a changing pad, and easily fits everything I need for two children in diapers. It’s much easier to juggle kids and a backpack that it is to juggle kids and a over the shoulder bag.

Ring Sling/Baby Carrier

Rose in the ring sling she was about 4 months
old at the time. 
I used my ring sling almost everyday when my daughters were under 6 months. 6 months to about 12 months I have use it multiple times a week. It’s very easy to use, and can be secured very quickly. in my opinion ring slings feel much more supportive than wraps. I never felt like they were going to slip out while in the ring sling. Little ones do outgrow ring slings. If your baby is bigger you will need to graduate to a carrier sooner than I did. Around 12 months they try to wriggle free of the sling a little more, and can throw their weight around a little too easily. I own an Onya Carrier, I like it, but there are better carriers out there. I have a few friends who own a LilleBaby Carrier, and I am totally jealous. They are the best of both worlds. I got an Onya because they felt more durable than other carriers, had nice thick supportive padding, and was easy to operate. When I get another carrier I will get a Lillebaby. (I bought my ring sling off Etsy, but that shop doesn't make them anymore. There are plenty of good ones out there though.)

This is their bowl. Heather doesn't love to sit in the highchair
all the time. The ezpz works great on every surface. 

These are the best plates and bowls ever! They stick to the table so they are not easily removed. They can’t be knocked over or thrown easily. If my little ones are super determined they can lift the plate, but they are a little heavy, and awkward, so my girls get bored pretty quickly. All of their products are dishwasher safe. Ezpz definitely keeps the mess down.

And wine don't forget the wine...

I hope these products aid in your child wrangling as much as they have aided mine! I am always on the lookout for things that make parenting just a bit easier. Thanks for reading.     

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