Friday, September 16, 2016

Why I Write My Blog

I had a few people tell me they were offended, confused, or needed to distance themselves from me because of my last blog post. I wanted to clear the air about why I am choosing the topics I’m writing about on my blog. Here we go…

First I want to say, my life does not revolve around The Mormon Church. Which is assumption a lot of people keep making, even people I have never meet (insert eye roll here). This blog is a teeny tiny fraction of my life, yes, there are quite a few posts about the church. That doesn’t mean my life revolves around the church, for nearly 20 years of my life it was the only thing I knew. Finding out that something I had been taught my whole life is actually a lie, was really hard. It took me a long time to figure out I genuinely never wanted to be a mormon again.

Rose had a mouth full of popcorn in this pic. 
I have not been a member of The Mormon Church for over 3 years and my choice to never go back still heavily impacts my life. The missionaries have been sent to our home a few times, which is really annoying. I have been subscribed to the church magazines twice (both times they went straight into the recycling bin). Luckily unsubscribing is pretty easy. Until mormons can accept that the people who leave their religion are not going to hell, I will not be able to “just leave the church alone”. Especially because it won’t just leave me alone. The church was a big part of my life, it is going to take a long time to get over that. In the meantime writing about it helps.

Writing posts like my last one help me clear my mind. Getting it out on paper helps me understand what actually happened, what I felt, and helps me work through my emotions so I can move on. I am happy to share my thoughts and opinions because I want to help other people who might be going through the same thing. For every person who has come to me and said, I don’t like what you’re saying, I have had twice as many people tell me they feel the same way, or that they couldn’t have said it better. I am fully aware some people hate what I say. I am doing what makes me happy. I want to get people thinking, if I can get people thinking I consider it a success.

RJ reading Grandmother Fish to Rose. She loves that book.
I write about whatever I feel like. I write about things I care about, I write about things that make me happy, or mad, or sad. I write about my past, and how I see my future. I write about food, I write about anything and everything I want to. I am fully aware that my opinion offends people. I’m pretty sure their opinion would offend me. I am open to hearing people’s thoughts, just be prepared for me to acknowledge, ignore and move on. I’m not going to stop writing about what I want, just because someone got offended, and I’m not going to argue.

Someone one who I was really good friends with when I was younger texted me after my last blog post. This person (who I will not name out of privacy) said, and I quote, “You claim that you are just teaching your children to be good people and that is enough. That’s all there is. But how can you honestly claim to be a good person when you publicly ridicule and degrade an entire religion for their beliefs? If you did that to any other religion you would be called out so quick and yet here you are, and not only is no one calling you out, you are being applauded for “speaking out” about the “lies” behind the church.”

Heather has the bluest eyes, they are amazing. 
When someone tells me I’m not a good person I can handle that, but to drag my children into the conversation too makes it hurt a lot. I am a good parent, to hint that i’m not raising my children right is pretty awful. Not to mention I haven’t seen this person in nearly four years. FOUR YEARS! That is a very long time. I understand that said person was offended by my blog, and that is ok. But I am the same person I was all those years ago, I am just not a mormon anymore. That doesn’t make me a bad person! I’m tired of Mormons being rude to people who choose not to be a mormon and say why they aren't.

The reason mormonism is actively bashed, is because of all the lies. When people actually research church history it’s impossible to deny its flaws. Other religions were founded so long ago that their flaws were buried by time, you cannot google many other religions and find as many issues with their doctrine, and history as mormonism.

This person ended their text with, “I sincerely wish you all the happiness in the world.” People are always incredibly rude but then think what they said is ok because they told you they hope you’re happy, and they love you. That does not make it ok.

What I really do not understand is my post clearly has affected a few people's faith. I have been unfriended on FaceBook, and unfollowed on Instagram. Why would my unsophisticated banter about The Mormon Church affect someone's faith, especially people who claim it means so much to them. Maybe their faith is not as strong as they thought it was, maybe their faith is misplaced.

The Emperor has no clothes!

I will be writing more about The Mormon Temple which seemed to be a pretty sore spot. If you are offended by me talking about my feelings and what I experienced in the temple, just DON’T READ. There is no one compelling you to read my blog. If you don't want to hear it, don't read. I’m not the first person in the world to say these things, and I will not be the last.

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