Monday, June 27, 2016

Meet the Husband

A friend told me after doing a post all about the girls I needed to write a post all about RJ. I thought a post all about him and me would be a better idea. We do practically everything together. Aside from when RJ is at work we are pretty much inseparable.  

RJ grew up in Portsmouth, UK. He attended college in London, at the University of North London. He moved to the U.S. after graduating, and has pretty much been here ever since. He’s not very English anymore. To me he doesn’t have a British accent anymore either he just sounds like RJ. He got his American citizenship a few years back.

RJ’s parents and only sibling live in England. We hope to plan a trip there in the next few years. RJ never got along with his sister, they haven’t spoken in years. He wishes he would have had that sibling bond so many of us have but he never did. That’s one of the reasons he wants six kids. If he had more than one sibling, maybe he would have liked the one of them. RJ wants our children to have enough siblings that hopefully they will be best friends with at least one, hopefully more.

RJ holding tiny Heather just a few weeks old.
RJ loves cars. He would like to buy a Caterham sooner than later. They are very exciting cars, with no roof, no stereo, no heater, no AC, and basically every other thing a luxury car has a Caterham doesn’t. He enjoys watching Top Gear, mostly the british one although he occasionally watches the american version. If he had the space, time, and tools he would do every car repair himself. It’s nice to be married to someone who knows a good amount about cars. He also loves photography. He has a good collection of cameras. Eventually we will probably set up a dark room somewhere in the house. If he could make a living off taking pictures he would, but he can’t so he does computers instead.

RJ holding Rose just before we left the hospital.
RJ and I have been together for almost 4 years. Although Rose was not planned, getting pregnant was the best thing that could have happened for us. RJ is an amazing daddy, both Rose and Heather love him very much. He’s great at helping, and a pro at diaper changes. Heather when though a colicy phase and RJ was the only one who could get her to fall asleep sometimes. Rose loves going on rides in the convertible with daddy. Heather hasn’t been on her first convertible ride yet, i’ll make sure I document it.

RJ makes me feel beautiful and amazing every single day. He says thank you so many times a day I cannot count. He is careful not to take me for granted, I hope I make him feel the same way. He thanks me for having his children, making his dinner, doing the laundry. It really makes my job as a stay at home mom more bearable. He tells me I look beautiful or pretty even when I haven't showered and I’m still in PJs because it's been a hard day with the girls. I love him. I love how much he appreciates me. I hope I make him feel as appreciated as I feel.

RJ is amazing in bed. This is definitely a benefit of being married to a older man. RJ has a good amount of experience. Who would want someone with no experience? Everything is better if you already know what you're doing. Over the past 4 years our sex has never gotten boring. It has gotten better and better as the years pass. It may have gotten a little kinkier too but, there is definitely nothing wrong with that! We are currently trying for baby number 3. The best advice I would give to someone who is trying for a baby would be to have as much sex as possible, don’t think about your cycles. Enjoy the process of making a baby. Every time we have actively tried to get pregnant, when I took ovulation tests we did not get pregnant. We only got pregnant when I relaxed, trusted that my body knew what it was doing, and enjoyed the process.

I absolutely love RJ. I am so glad he is mine. A lot of people don’t understand our relationship, or know RJ like I do. And to be honest I could not care less what they think. People who have never even met him have judged him and I hate that. So to anyone out there who has an opinion about RJ you can keep it to yourself. And if you can’t then fuck off (pardon my french but I’m fucking tired of people judging).

Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to posting some recipes this week!

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