Monday, April 3, 2017

Septum Piercing - Two Week Update

I am absolutely loving my septum piercing. Today is the two week mark since getting it done.

Typical healing period for a septum piercing is 4-6 weeks. Yesterday was the one third to half way mark, so I thought it was a great time for an update (read my post, Septum Piercing to hear all about my piercing experience)!

So far my piercing site it is feeling pretty good. It is much less sore that it was last week. It has hand a few bumps/bonks which is why I am really proud it is doing so well. RJ went in for a kiss a little too enthusiastically one evening, right after a bit of rumpy pumpy, and bumped it pretty good. Heather elbowed me, Rose head butted me, and Heather elbowed me a second time (she likes to climb, especially on me).  Aside from a bit of swelling after each bonk, it felt better quickly after the initial ouch was gone.

My care routine has changed slightly. The traditional sea salt soaks were a little too harsh on my nose. The piercing itself was feeling fine but the rest of my nose was getting raw and sensitive. I watered down my salt soaks but my nose didn’t feel better. I decided to try just warm water for a day or two and see how things went. After the first day my nose was feeling much better and my piercing seemed to be doing just as well. I am not a professional but switching to plain water has really helped my healing process.

One of the small children who was having a
particularly fussy day.
I’m going to get a little gross here for a minute and talk about boogers (I’m sure it has crossed some people's minds). Spring is in full swing here in Georgia. There is a coat of yellow pollen on everything outside. I have come down with a good case of allergies, and obviously that means extra boogers. I have this irrational (possibly not so irrational) fear of boogers hanging from my piercing and no one telling me about it while I go around doing daily tasks. Luckily, this has not happened, and I do not think it will. When doing water soaks twice a day my nose gets cleaned out pretty thoroughly and do not have many issues during the day.

I am very happy with my piercing, it is healing well. If I didn’t have small children it probably would heal even faster because it wouldn’t get so many accidental bonks. I am still having days when it feels sensitive and new, but I love it.

If you are thinking about getting a septum piercing I highly recommend it. It is a good, first, facial piercing. With the right jewelry it can be turned up and completely hidden. It leaves no visible scar tissue. It is not a cartilage piercing so it heals quickly. And if you go to the right piercer the piercing will be quick and the pain will be very short.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them! Thanks for reading!

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